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April 30, 2016
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May 17, 2016
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We dedicate today’s blog to our incredible mothers who served as the inspiration for our first children’s book, blog and video series.  My mother, the oldest of 5 children, had a very troubled upbringing and turbulent first marriage.  As a young, single parent to 2 infant boys, she vowed to learn from her experiences and never settle for less.  From that point forward, she would work as hard as she could to achieve success, no matter what obstacles stood in her way.  She went on to run thriving businesses with my father, became financially independent and continued to sustain these successes into retirement.  My husband’s mother was the oldest of 7 children and took on the caregiver role for her siblings during her early years.  As time went on, she suffered a troubled marriage as well, yet gained the strength to persevere and raise 4 amazing sons, mostly on her own, while working full-time in education for nearly 25 years.  My mother’s tenacity, drive and ambition deeply resonated with me and gave me the confidence to embrace my role as a career woman, breadwinning wife and mother.  Ernesto’s mother, who lost her battle with cancer in 2007, was a warm, soft-spoken, sensitive, nurturing woman who sought comfort in her son (my husband) and confided in him often.  He jokes that he was the ‘daughter’ she never had.  They would spend hours talking about anything and everything.  That nurturing quality and ability to share emotions and feelings without hesitation, has transcended into his role as a devoted husband and proud stay-at-home father.  If it were not for our extraordinary mothers and the unique set of circumstances that ultimately made them who they are, we would not be here today promoting our message through our children’s books and continuing to transform society’s perceptions of what a mother and fathers’ role should be in the household.  Thank you both for opening the pathway for diversity and inclusion in our ever-changing world.  Happy Mother’s Day to you both…we love you.  Visit us at:  Maya & Me Publications Maya & Me Logo