Pets Are People Too

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April 24, 2016
Our Mothers’ Story…Past, Present & Future
May 8, 2016
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For all you animal lovers out there, I think you can read between the lines.  Ever since we made the decision to adopt “Reina” our little mini schnauzer over 2 years ago, our lives have been filled with love, joy and endless laughter.  Since Maya was just a toddler, she never felt completely comfortable around other peoples’ pets.  She was intrigued and petrified at the same time.  She would only admire them from afar.  Before Maya was born, I thought…what better pre-baby training than a puppy to get us geared up!  We adopted an adorable mini-dachshund in the months before I delivered Maya but our cute yet rambunctious little hot dog we named “Ernie” caused such fury in our home that we had to make a choice.  After several pairs of chewed up shoes, incessant potty accidents and constant yelping at ever turn, it boiled down to our marriage or the dog.  Fast forward, 8+ years later, here we are with our 4th family member.  I adore watching Maya with Reina.  It’s pure entertainment.  They shower each other with affection every chance they get and fight like sisters just the same.  The overwhelming excitement that ensues as Maya rolls out of bed each morning ‘zombie-like’ and Reina’s heart pumping like it’s about to jump out of her chest…is HYSTERICAL.  I want to play, Maya!  Can we play?!  Please, let’s play!  Reina has taught us all about unconditional love and how a great big smile, loving scratch to the tummy or simply snuggling next to you on the couch can make her day complete.  More importantly, Maya, who was once unbelievably timid around pets, embraces each and every one of them with such kindness and compassion.  This is one of the most important attributes a parent (or furry friend) can instill in a child.  To all you animals lovers out there…don’t forget to hug your pet today!  Visit us at Maya & Me PublicationsMaya & Me Logo