Getting Real in 2016

Road Trip Back in Time
December 19, 2015
Making a Difference
January 23, 2016
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Yes, the end of a vacation  somehow brings one back to earth. Reality sets in quickly.  Our 2 weeks in NYC were GLORIOUS, but after the 14-hour drive back, several loads of laundry and alarm clocks set back to 6am (ugh), we realize it’s time to re-group and plan out our personal goals for 2016.  One thing I love about my husband is when I mention something useful that we should research or invest in, he’s all over it!  Just before the holiday, I’d purchased an audio book written by Dave Ramsay and his daughter Rachel Cruze titled “Smart Money Smart Kids” which helps parents teach their kids the value of money, how to spend wisely and save for the future.  He proceeded to purchase Dave’s “Financial Peace Junior” study kit which comes with useful charts and tools.  It was almost comical that we were focused on Maya’s money habits when we ourselves were the ones who needed help.  Anyone who knows me is aware that I am far from frugal.  For the last 22 years of my working life, I rarely deprived myself.  My weakness has always been travel and entertainment.  I own no designer clothing or expensive electronics (not counting the car😜) but the mention of an excursion, and my bags are packed and passport at the ready.  The concept of ‘saving’ was never in my vocabulary, even after marriage and a child.  For Christmas, my very thoughtful husband gave me Dave Ramsay’s “Total Money Makeover” published in 2003.  It was the best gift I could have ever received.  It’s like no other financial  guide you will ever read.  Finally, at age 45, I feel this sense of empowerment in knowing that there is a simple plan for building for our future.  It doesn’t take much. Just a little sacrifice and behavioral changes.  Dave says financial independence is 80% behavior, 20% knowledge.  If I’d followed this rule straight out of college, I’d be a millionaire!  Well enough of my rambling…you get the picture.  Now, onto eliminating debt and building that nest egg.  Happy New Year everyone!