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June 18, 2016
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July 3, 2016
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Printers_AlleyConsider this a belated tribute to the special men in our lives as we recently celebrated Fathers Day this month.  This story will set the tone for how Daddies go above and beyond for their little girls.  We spent the day in Nashville.  A dear friend and aspiring fashion photographer (Eden) arranged for us to meet for a special photo shoot for Maya.  Maya expressed interest in modeling (partly because of my obsession with America’s Next Top Model and also…my inner ‘stage mom’), so we decided this year would be a good time to get her started and explore the possibilities. The day started with hair and makeup at the salon.  Ernesto and Eden’s dad were such troopers as they sat through the entire glamour experience, embracing it all with manly style.  Then the real fun began.  Off we went to downtown Nashville to begin the shoot.  Despite our reservations, Eden strongly felt edgy city photos would stand out as a better backdrop than your typical, predictable scenes such as a parks, lakes or perhaps a garden setting.  She took us to Printer’s Alley.  Google it.  It’s a hip, funky strip of old speakeasies from the late 1800’s.  Not your typical back drop for a children’s photo session, eh?  Tourists passed us by from all directions while Eden was crouched on the ground in her ripped blue jeans taking extraordinary shots of Maya.  I kept reminding myself…this would all be worth it…this will all be worth it.  Eden’s father is a saint.  He’s always there at her side, lugging heavy photography equipment to all her shoots, no matter how shady or gritty the area.  Meanwhile, Ernesto transported Maya’s suitcase all over downtown, with each of her outfits at the ready.  He walked from block to block, despite the hot, humid temps, without a single complaint.  Although the experience took some getting used to, it was pretty exciting to see a fashion shoot like this in action, but boy does it take work!  Be it a model or photographer…or DAD of a model or photographer (wink)…there is a lot to endure.

Harlinsdale_FarmWe finally ended the long day at a beautiful venue in Franklin, TN called Harlinsdale Farm.  Sunset was approaching and the setting was spectacular.  Both Eden and Maya were exhausted, as were their daddies, but it was one of the most incredible experiences.  Maya definitely got a little taste of what it was like to be on location and shoot for a long period.  We capped off the evening with the Dads treating their girls to much deserved dinner, proceeded by the 90 minute drive home.  Could this be the inspiration for a new book?!  Daddies helping daughters launch careers!  Thank you to all fathers who continue to believe in your girls and support their dreams (I mean YOU TOO Daddy!)…Maya & Me Logo