2020…The Year Life Got Real

Writer’s Block is Real (A Year of Reflection)
October 14, 2018
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Hello family & friends, it’s been exactly 2 years since our last post.  We took time to enjoy the final stages of our daughter’s tween years.  Now, here we are nearing the end of 2020.  It’s been a scary, confusing year (to stay the least).  Global pandemic, political divide, economic downfall, heightened anxiety from self-isolation, racial tension, the list goes on and on.  How do we inspire our children to continue to be strong, persevere and remain hopeful for the future.  As we battle the reality of where we’re at today, we continue to charge forward and create some level of normalcy for our families.  There is really no other option but to face the future with courage and optimism.  We owe it to them.  Amazingly, our children are incredibly resilient, probably more so than us.  I’m reminded of this as we run periodic errands.  I pull up to [fill in the blank] destination and we make our way inside.  My daughter reminds me, with a disapproving tone, to put on my mask.  This is now a normal way of life for her…yet after 8 months of quarantining, this ‘adult’ is still adjusting.