We Present to You “Maya & Me” Version 2.0

The Daughters of Today…
February 4, 2017
Why Are We Killing Ourselves?
February 26, 2017
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Hi everyone!  Not sure if you noticed but were delayed slightly a little over a week so that we could bring you something extra special.  There’s nothing more liberating than re-inventing yourself with a fresh, new look.  So we decided no better time than now to reignite our website with a more eye-catching, yet professional feel.  Our mission was to project to our readers a site that is simple, fun and easy to navigate.  Thanks to our developer, we were able to accomplish this.

As we tread forward with big goals for 2017, including the production of our newest book title “My Nine-Year-Old Grandpa”…we hope that you continue to visit our site and tune into our weekly blogs.  This journey in children’s book writing has been such an incredible learning experience and because of your support, we’re able to continue writing our stories and touching on topics (parenting and beyond) that might just trigger a thought or two in your minds.

Please join us in celebrating our ‘new and improved’ site makeover and we hope that you never stop sharing your feedback and perspectives on our posts.  We thrive on constructive critiques and believe in the power of feedback loops!

“A feedback loop is a term commonly used in economics to refer to a situation where part of the output of a situation is used for new input. An example of a positive feedback loop would be one where success feeds success.”

Love it!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂