Mortality through a Child’s Eyes

Day of Self-Love
February 14, 2016
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February 25, 2016
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We had Maya later in life.  36 years of age to be exact.  Her Grandparents and her Tata, at the time, were in their late 60’s.  They are all now approaching their mid-70s.  Her paternal grandmother “Lupita” who Maya is named after (per her middle name), passed away of cancer 3 months before Maya was born.  She is very close to her Grandma and Grandpa and although we live 1600 miles away, she communicates with them often.  She asked me the other day, “Mommy, will Grandma and Grandpa be around to see my babies?”  I had to stop and take a deep breath.  It touched my heart.  I became emotional because imagining Maya having babies (when that time comes) was enough to trigger tears of joy, but the mere thought of her grandparents not witnessing the birth of her children is heart-wrenching.  I remember feeling this same way when my husband’s mother passed just months before Maya’s birth.  But to this day, she lives on in our hearts through her spirit and soul.  I told Maya that even though people pass away, their spirit lives on.  We must always remember that.  Those who we have lost through the years are actually ‘here’ each and every day, watching over us.  They keep us safe.  My eyes well up as I read this aloud.  Let’s take this moment to remember all of our loved ones who have passed on and celebrate the impact they continue to have in our lives.