One Peep a Week!

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April 16, 2017
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April 23, 2017
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Hi, this is Maya. Today is Easter and probably your kids are so excited to eat all there candy they got from The Easter Bunny, their friends, family, and of course Easter egg hunts. Well, I got peeps from the Easter Bunny but, unfortunately they are sooooooooooooo sugary. So, I asked my mom and dad if i could have one peep a week. That’s when I had a great idea. What if I used it for a blog name. But, this blog is really about kids being addicted to sugar. Here is a hilarious story I must tell all of you. When my uncle¬† and his family came to visit us they brought my baby cousin as well. Technically he was two and he could all ready walk. But only at two years old he was addicted to Yahoo chocolate milk. In the morning every single day he would wake up, walk to the pantry, and point at the cartons of chocolate milk and go uh! But one day while they were here, there was a tornado warning and the first and only thing my aunt got from the pantry was a box of cartons of chocolate milk so her baby wouldn’t throw a tantrum. So, we all went down in my storm shelter while my dad and uncle were keeping a lookout for the tornado. Well we were all happy the tornado didn’t hit my house. One of the things we would do every morning is we would try to trick my cousin by mixing chocolate powder with milk, but he would still want the yahoo chocolate milk. So, that was a story of a kid who is addicted to sugar. The reason I asked for one peep a week is because I wouldn’t be having so much sugar. Thank you for reading my log and Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!