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June 11, 2016
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June 25, 2016
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Don’t you hate the feeling of being in limbo?  Not knowing what’s next.  Anxious about what lies ahead because you realize that you have absolutely no control over every aspect of your life.  So here it is.  I found out recently that I didn’t get a position I was really hoping for back at our ‘mothership’ in Tucson.  I was completely bummed.  My ego definitely took a punch in the gut.  I guess I was hallucinating, but I was pretty certain this was a ‘sure thing’…that’s what happens when you let your confidence get the best of you!  We’ve been living in Alabama for 3 years.  It’s more ‘home’ to me than anywhere else.  I love it on so many levels.  It has provided me with comfort and predictability that I’ve not felt in years.  However, in the back of my mind, I felt that my career should take precedence over anything else.  If the right opportunity for advancement presented itself, I’d move wherever.  I’ve always been a free bird and traveling for a job was never an issue.  But when you discover a place that just feels right, you find yourself struggling with the idea of uprooting again.  I’ve moved a lot in my life without hesitation, but having a child changes your perspective dramatically.  Maya is grounded, happy as a clam, has a BFF who she loves dearly, enjoys school, has a great quality of life and enough activities to keep all of us busy.  This is the childhood I envisioned for her.  As I stand here today and openly share my thoughts, I am past all the guilt and husbands desire to move back home to family.  It’s been a constant plethora of indecisiveness and back and forth for the last 2 years.  I’ve made my decision to set down roots.  I want to call somewhere home and commit to it…for the sake of our daughter.  People say “Oh Maya’s young, she’ll adapt” or “kids are so resilient, they bounce back quickly.”  Yes, that’s true and life is not always black and white.  Things can change at the drop of a hat, but there’s something to be said for stability and consistency, particularly when it comes to the well-being of your child.  Alabama – we’re committing to you and it feels really good.  We close on our new home next month!  Let this next chapter of our lives be filled with new, fun adventures to share…and we promise not to be ‘so predictable’ (wink).  Thanks for reading!Maya & Me Logo