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September 14, 2016
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October 10, 2016
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Who out there (like the majority of working women) feel the need to pile more work on themselves when they take time off?   Seriously, unless you’re going on a long vacation where you have to scramble to prepare for 7 days of more stress, there’s really no need to obsess.  Sure, if you’re not jet-setting, you can spend your days cleaning the tile grout, refinishing furniture or painting all the rooms in your house you’ve been putting off for months, but why?!  Why do we insist on decompressing with more stress?  Because it’s built into our biology.  Some of us women live to work and the reality is…no one is forcing us except US.

I took a much needed 2 weeks off work.  Ernesto was a little surprised.  “Really, 2 weeks?”  he said.  “Seems like a lot.”  I responded with “I know right?” then smiled and went on about my business.  I was so amped up to have all that time for whatever.  Neglected appointments, postponed calls to family, schoolwork, and perhaps a little pampering.  Whatever the case, those 14 days were ALL MINE.  Oh, and did I mention my BFF’s (Mitra) visit from California, her birthday, my daughter’s birthday party,  my wedding anniversary and my friend Deb’s film debut all rolled up into one fun-filled vacation of champions!  I would not miss any of it.

As I enter week #2 of my vacation, the most integral lesson thus far (compliments of Mitra) is learning how to take a deep breath and RELAX.  She slept the entire first day she arrived and it was glorious for her.  She took ‘beauty sleep’ to a whole new level.  She was actually glowing when she awoke 🙂 She taught me how to be okay with rest and relaxation.  As far as she was concerned, there was no rushing, no planning every detail, no fixating on where to lunch, where to shop or what movie to go see.  It was strictly lounging in pajamas until noon, talking, laughing, cooking together and napping some more.  This was some serious wellness therapy!  …and I soaked it up.

So here’s to the ‘art of rest’ and those out there who’ve mastered the skill and continue to inspire others.  I commend you.  Life goes on regardless of whether we complete 20 tasks in a single weekend.  The real euphoria lies in our ability to ignore those needless tasks to stop and smell the roses.Maya & Me Logo