The Negotiation

The Starbucks Chronicles
August 9, 2015
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How often do we find ourselves negotiating with our children? We woke up this morning with every intention of starting off the day right with a simple, enjoyable breakfast together. The first words out of my young daughter Maya’s mouth is “I’m hungry. What can I eat?” After some time, my husband offers scrambled eggs or cereal. Those are her only options. Not satisfied, Maya immediately approaches me and asks if she can have Chex Mix instead. Clearly too preoccupied with morning chores to carefully think through my response, my logic is…well Chex Mix is better than nothing at all. I agree to this. Sadly, the result is not positive 😉 Looking back at the situation, it’s obvious I went against my hubby’s ‘strategy’ to help Maya understand that there is NO negotiating. Instead, I took the easy way out to appease my daughter. How would you have handled?