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August 27, 2016
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September 14, 2016
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I’m a little late posting this week’s blog.  Things got a little hectic.  School started recently.  Not only for Maya but for Mommy too.  I was highly encouraged to go back to school and get my Maya at ParkMasters degree…at the ripe ol’ age of 45.  Thank you boss 🙂  You’re always lookin’ out for me.  So, here’s to 2 more years of LOTS of reading and term papers, which I do genuinely enjoy, but packing everything in, day to day, has been a challenge.  Work, school and family time are enough to juggle.  On a good week, I’ll squeeze in some exercise or time with friends but it’s rare.  Notice how 24 hours in a day is never enough anymore?  I’m still in a state of wonderment at how these ‘supermoms & dads’ are able to do it all without falling too pieces.  I will say, I am blessed with a husband who stays home and takes care of all the domestic aspects of our lives, not to mention getting Maya to and from school and all her activities.  But there’s a slight caveat to our situation.  Ernesto started his new job at a local distribution center.  He orchestrated a work schedule that would take him away on weekends and Mondays, (12-hour days of hard labor…ouch!) but I felt it was a worthy concession.  Reason being, that left time for Maya and I to reignite our mommy-daughter bond and do our all-time favorite things together like bake cupcakes, take the pooch to the park, shopping, Starbucks or karaoke at home (we’re both closet pop stars)!  She is loving this 1-on-1 time with mom…and I’m embracing every moment because I know that the next time I look up at her, she’ll be 16 and off with friends, having fun and discovering her independence.  It’s hard not to get teary-eyed just thinking about it.  As for study time, I wait until Maya is off to bed which is a heroic effort, in and of itself.  I usually get about 2 hours in.  NOTE TO SELF.  Never read while lying down.  It’s lethal.  You’ll be out in seconds as I’ve come to discover.  Could be age too!  So standing is the BEST way to study.  Thank goodness for high countertops.  Anyway, last evening, after Ernesto’s first 12-hour day, we phoned him on the way home from church about dinner.  I thought for sure he’d be insanely beat and want to come home and crash.  Instead, he had this renewed energy about him and was ready take ‘his ladies’ out for a hearty meal at our local Mexican joint.  He had lots to share and was completely engaging.  I LOVED IT.  I’ve come to realize that the recipe for success (both personally and professionally) is mixing busy with a hint balance.  BUSY + BALANCE = BLESSED.  That needs to go on a T-Shirt!  Happy Labor Day everyone…Maya & Me Logo