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December 20, 2016
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January 10, 2017
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The most amazing and unexpected turn of events happened over our holiday vacation.  Something none of us ever anticipated but are overwhelmingly excited about now that it has!  I won’t divulge all the juicy details…but I will say that Maya had something to do with the outcome and she is MOST proud of herself (I might add).  And the story goes like this.  Two very special people in our lives were brought together randomly over Christmas break.  It was not intentional, pre-arranged and even a forethought in our minds.  It just happened…so naturally and so effortlessly.  But when it did, it was pure magic.  The timing couldn’t have been better and when people reach a point in their lives where they just know, at that very moment, that their ‘future’ has entered their lives, it is the most incredible high.  You know that feeling of elation when you meet someone and everything feels so comfortable and all the pieces just fall into place.  You don’t doubt or question anything.  Kind of like a ‘Trust Fall’…you simply fall freely and know that person will catch you, no matter what.  Some of you out there reading this will appreciate the specific circumstances.  These are individuals who are in their 40’s and have been waiting all their lives for that special someone.  They’ve been through extreme heartache and pain early on and have been alone for much their adult life.  They are compassionate, caring, faith-loving people whose disappointments, insecurities and difficult past have unfortunately kept them finding true happiness.  So to make long but beautiful story short, Maya caught wind of the ‘chemistry’ between this twosome during their interactions and took it upon herself to mention to one person that the other had a crush on them.  And so there it began.  That single moment was the determining factor that gave that individual the confidence to seize the moment!  And that is how the rest of this love story would play out.  A very important factor here is that these two individuals, after years of self-doubt and struggles, were now emotionally and spiritually available to allow love back into their lives, unconditionally.  It was the perfect recipe for a magnificent unity that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.  We’re so very happy for you both!