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My Best Day with Daddy" is about a daughter and her father’s devotion to being a stay-at-home dad and providing her with structure, security, and, most importantly, love. Maya embraces her father’s role in her life and understands why Daddy stays home with her while Mommy works


The story emphasizes the special bond that Maya and her Daddy share as he teaches her important lessons while juggling the busy schedule of a stay-at-home parent.

"Acts of Kindness Through a City" is about a young girl, Maya, and her parents who take a magical holiday trip to New York City. Her mom and dad use this opportunity to teach her the beauty of compassion and kindness through special experiences that present themselves in such a fascinating place.

The beauty of giving, as seen through a child’s eyes, is sure to resonate with families everywhere. At home, Maya’s stay-at-home dad and career mom make every effort to embrace these teaching moments with careful thought and help Maya discover the joys of bringing happiness to people and touching their lives in unexpected ways.

"My Nine-Year-Old Grandpa" is about a young girl, Maya, and her Grandpa who have such a blast together, you might think they’re the same age. Grandpa’s silly nature and easy-going attitude and Maya’s quick wit and adventurous personality make for the perfect mix.

Grandpa teaches Maya not to take herself too seriously and just enjoy being a kid. Maya’s Grandma helps balance things out with good old-fashioned common sense and practicality. It’s an endearing story which I’m sure many will relate to. After all, who doesn’t have a silly Grandpa story to share?