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August 20, 2017
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October 29, 2017
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I know there are a lot of debaters out there but I’m going with the scientists on this one.  Yes, there may be a few theorists out there who believe its an overemphasized topic but after what we’ve seen these last few weeks, how can we think otherwise.  Why is this important as a feature on our blog?  Because I truly feel our children’s future is at stake.  Stephen Hawking has been talking about it for years.  He predicts human race has about a 100 years left to survive on earth and we need to start planning now.  It’s no coincidence that Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are thinking ahead.  They’re companies (Space X, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic) have already began efforts for future transport to Mars in the coming years to prepare for possible colonization in the event earth becomes uninhabitable, whether it be from natural disasters or other threats.  The New York Times posted this article back in July, before the recent hurricanes, fires and earthquakes hit:

My husband shared the research with me early on when the climate change began to become more and more controversial across political lines, during the Obama administration.  I didn’t pay much attention at the time.  After starting my Global Technology program at ASU, I started to take a closer look.  I began to see the weather patterns changing dramatically from one year to the next.  Living in the South (at the time), it wasn’t hard to notice the hotter summers, more frequent tornadoes and other parts of the world enduring the same weather fluctuations.

Rewinding back to June, we all know the reaction by our global counterparts when Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement (Green Climate Fund) rejecting the idea to team up and help address climate change with our world partners.  The only 2 others were Nicaragua and Syria.  I am not exactly sure what it would take at this point to convince our government to take climate change seriously but I can say, with confidence, that these natural disasters are not a coincidence.

Please continue to educate yourselves, your children and those around you on what can be done to help minimize the affects of global warming.  Essentially, less use of greenhouse gases and clean energy initiatives.  We promise you, we are fully committing to doing the same.