The Power of Encouragement

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
October 29, 2015
The Birds and the Bees
November 17, 2015
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We all feel discouraged at one point or another, whether it be with our jobs, personal ventures, health, parenting or some other aspect of our lives.  Although we’re all human and may be prone to moments of low self-esteem, I realize more and more, the importance of setting the right example for my daughter and showing her ways to cope with feelings of inadequacy.  As an example, I’ve always turned to singing as a way to de-stress and transport myself into another world.  It’s always been very therapeutic for me.  I enrolled in a vocal class last year with a private music teacher and encouraged my daughter take lessons as well, including piano.  After an entire year of classes and recitals, I recently experienced a lull where I started to feel very insecure and unhappy with my voice and overall progress.  However, I only had myself to blame.  I barely practiced and made no effort to find even 5 minutes play my musical pieces.  Sadly, my daughter followed suit.  Music started to become a forgotten chore for the both of us.  I told my husband that I would be quitting the school and Maya as well.  I felt it best that we take a break and ‘regroup’ after the holidays.  She didn’t seem to mind, however it was clear, I was setting the wrong example.  When things get tough, you quit?  Just give up and move on?  Not cool at all.  Maya deserves better than that.  My husband, luckily, had a different approach.  It’s no wonder he’s the sound, sensible one in the family.  He started to practice with her every single day.  His encouragement really motivated her to want to try and you could see it was working.  One evening, she repeated her piano piece 37 times until she got it just right.  I arrived home from work one night and listened in as she hit those perfect notes on the 37th try.  It was beautiful to watch her light up with excitement and hug her Daddy tight.  She was so proud of herself.  She inspired me.  It’s amazing what children (and their Daddies) can teach you without even realizing it.  Mind you, I will not be auditioning for the “The Voice” anytime soon, but I have 2 strong supporters to always cheer me on 🙂