What…I’m Not Fabulous?!

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May 28, 2016
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June 11, 2016
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As a career woman and sole breadwinner for my family, my failures can weigh heavy on those closest to me.  The thought of not accomplishing an important goal gives me such anxiety.  I’m a pretty driven individual but I’ll admit when I fall, I can fall hard.  Over the years, I’ve read a fair share of inspirational books and biographies about people who have achieved great success in their careers after repeat failures and I’m always left feeling liberated…almost invincible.  Why am I babbling on about this?  Well, call it a premonition.  I sensed some disappointing news was coming but my ‘glass half full’ side of my brain held out hope that, by some miracle, the verdict would work in my favor. I probably agonized over the this ‘big life change’ more than I should of and I’m not ashamed to say that when that time came and things went south, I sulked like a child.  “Keep a chin up”…”Things happen for a reason”…”Just try harder next time”…I jumped from one emotion to another.  Sadness, anger, relief, anxiousness, confusion, you name it.  If you’ve ever seen the animated movie “Inside Out” you’ll know what I mean!  To others, I’m very conscious of the positive image I project and never like for anyone to see me down.  I was clearly hurting but was mortified by the thought of anyone else witnessing my distress and feelings of rejection.  That’s a lot of weight to carry and probably not the best example for my daughter.  Maya needs to understand how it feels to fail sometimes and be okay with expressing her feelings of anguish.  Even if it means being a sad sack for a few days.  So there I was for about 24 hours, feeling sorry for myself in one moment, then fervently brainstorming my future the next.  It was essentially a vicious cycle.  In the end, let’s face it.  We can’t control all the variables on the planet but we’re smart enough to know that whatever wasn’t working before…it’s time for a new strategy.  As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is the result doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  I may be a little insane but the reality is that rejection is a killer to our egos and no one likes that feeling.  So rather than mull over why things didn’t work out and breaking it all apart like a science experiment, I opt for changing up the game and really making the next play count.  Thank you all for reading!

Stay- at- Home dad: Why my wife is Fabulous!

Sheila whom has always striven to be the best she can in all aspects of her life. As a mother she utilizes her every available moment when she gets home from work to  attend to Maya whether it be watching the latest episode of their favorite show or just play a round of “ONO”.  Maya just looks so forward to “chilling out” with mom  after a long regimented but productive day with daddy. I guess Mom is the fun and fabulous parent! As a wife,  she is open and relaxed about I handle all aspects of the household. She is as loving,  affectionate and attentive to me as any full-time career person can with their spouse. As partners we have all the best intentions in the world to give quality time to our children, pets, household duties, finances, personal interests, exercise and spouses. However, as we all know and have experienced as some point in our marriages without extreme focus and habitual discipline guiding our each and every day , things just become stagnant  and unproductive. As a stay at home dad, I  can personally attest to this! In other words, like my awesome wife who has extreme focus and discipline to maintain her career I must do the same to run the household and improve ALL the above on a personal level.  As a career women, there is no one like her. She is the most dedicated, organized, fair and understanding manager any person can dream of having! In my minds eye she has no failures but opportunities to learn something new about her self.  So, yes, my wife is FABULOUS and I want to be just like her! Love , your hubby.

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