The Truth About Aging Gracefully

Finding Peace in the ‘New’ Familiar
July 15, 2017
When Fatherhood is the Only Option
August 20, 2017
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Let’s be honest.  It’s really scary to see yourself aging (at an accelerated pace) after 40.  In my 30s, I thought…no way will I ever look old.  I will take excellent care of myself.  I will eat well.  I’ll work out like an olympian.  I’ll take all the right supplements.  I’ll get facials every week!  But suddenly I see that photo of J-Lo who looks AMAZING at 47!  …and I just want to crawl into a hole.  Now, we all know these celebs have stylists and personal trainers ’round the clock.  How does one compete with that???

When I look in the mirror now and see an entirely different person.  She’s more tired and less vibrant. Maybe even a little too thin due to a sub par diet and on-the-go lifestyle.  There are no more ‘second looks’ or compliments about how great that outfit or hairstyle looks on me.  I’ve finally come to terms with it all.  I think about Maya and how my perception of the ‘aging process’ will directly impact her if I’m not careful.  Vanity does crazy things to tween girls.

So while I may still primp in mirrors at every opportunity or make sure every hair strand is perfectly in place before leaving the house, I will remind myself to embrace my ‘inner’ beauty, poise and intellect first and foremost, because in the end,  that is what people will remember most and my hope is that this will resonate with Maya as well.  Thank you all!