Bad Karma or Just Poor Health?

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April 23, 2017
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May 9, 2017
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First of all, I absolutely loathe going to the doctor.  I consider it a time waster and would rather scratch 10 work items off my TO DO list than be proactive about my health.  Then when my condition gets really bad and I’m out for days because I didn’t go to the doctor in the first place, it’s all completely counter-productive.  I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.  I can feel when my body is breaking down but I ignore it.  I pretend its not there and it’ll go away on its own.  My husband has tried for years to get me on a solid health regimen.  I don’t listen to him when I’m sick and just do my own thing.  Google it or search WebMD for all my answers and hope it’s fast and easy.  But mostly I just ignore it.  I had a business trip scheduled for this week.  There was a lot to accomplish and I didn’t want to screw it up.  My boss was already concerned I was taking on too much with school and other obligations and that I might be burning out.  I shrugged it off as if he had no idea how strong I was and I could handle things just fine.  I was even a little offended at the thought that anyone would question my self-proclaimed ‘do it all’ skills.  Truth be told, my husband handles the HARD part (at home) while I juggle work, travel, school and such.  So ‘doing it all’ might be stretching it a bit.  He’s reading this now so I have to cover myself.

Anyway, I was ‘served’ harshly when my body reacted this past week.  Everything from severe headaches to annoying neck pain to an eye sty and finally a nasty spider bite on my right eyelid causing an allergic reaction and closing it shut.  All this right before my trip!  Holy heck.  I prayed for it all to be gone by Sunday.  But my body gave me the finger and told me to deal with it.

Well, as they say, everything happens for a reason.  Tornado weather in the area caused several flights to be canceled.  Mine included.  I waited it out the following day and those flights were canceled as well.  My condition worsened and I looked pretty rough in the face (with one functioning eye).  Not conducive of week-long power meetings with business folks.  I surrendered to my body and waved the flag.  My husband took me to the doctor and finally got some much needed meds.

Call it bad karma for being in constant denial over my health.  Or does it really just boil down to poor health and nutrition from years of taking my body for granted.  I can already hear myself…”I’m still young and thin.  So what if I down a sugary chai latte every morning, eat fatty foods for lunch and indulge in an appletini (or two) every weekend.”  Oh and did I mention ZERO exercise?  Acid reflux, headaches, weak bones and low energy…all things that seem to flare up in our mid-40’s.  But at what point do we stop the insanity and actually start putting our health first?  When we’re diagnosed with some debilitating disease?!  My ‘kick in the butt’ ah ha moment is having a 9-year old daughter to keep up with.  This is the path I chose when I had Maya later in life.  Now it’s time to suck it up and start facing reality.  So my 3 new rules are: 1) Doctors are not the plague; 2) Sugar is not your friend; 3) Cartwheels aren’t just for kids.

Thank you for checking in!