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August 6, 2016
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August 20, 2016
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I can’t go a day without a big decision.  My life thrives on new and stressful changes that need to be contemplated.  My husband thinks I’m incapable of turning myself off at any given time.  He’s right but I fight it.  “What are you talking about?  I’m fine.  I’m totally relaxed.  By the way, I’m thinking we should move to Australia in 3 years.  I hear Perth is very family friendly.”  Yes, stuff like that comes out of my mouth every other day.  He’s learned to shrug it off.  So this week, my quest for newness is not quite as compelling but worthy of thought.  Maya and I want another dog.  We have our little ‘Reina’ who is completely sweet and loving but a total basket case.  She’s glued to me like a second skin, has a melt-down when any storm is nearing the area, reacts skittishly at any sudden noise or movement, hates most men (especially those with caps and beards)…we think her grouchy, old, misfit owner had something to do with this.  She’s a rescue dog which most of the time equates to a disturbing past and emotional issues as a result.  So every morning when I leave for work, Ernesto drops Maya off at school and Reina is left to hang with Daddy for most of the day.  She sits on her little papa-san chair all day and literally doesn’t move…until Maya gets home.  She won’t take a snack, go potty, play with her toys or anything until ‘the girls’ walk through that door.  We’re a little concerned.  Ernesto tries to engage her throughout the day but no go.  She’ll sit and sulk for hours.  We once had family visit with their adorable dog ‘Simon’ and he got along great with Reina.  They played and played until they were both worn out and collapsed on their doggie beds, soon fast asleep.  We actually ended up marrying them in a real ceremony with bow tie and veil.  My uncle is an ordained minister!  Yes, we have full video footage.  Simon LOVED Ernesto.  He was the most friendly, playful little guy always jumping on his lap for affection and male-bonding.  Reina didn’t care.  She’s a feminist, tried and true.  After Simon left, there have been no other doggie visitors.  We take her for walks sometimes and she barks with excitement at the other pets, but spends most of her time in our big yard when we’re all home.  So my thought is maybe she needs a playmate…a friend, someone to spend the day horse-playing with or seeking out new adventures.   She’s still young (3 years) and has a super big heart.  But she’s still wimpy, skittish and super needy.  She could use a pal to ‘rock her world’ a little.  Maya’s all for it.  The hope is that the 2nd pooch (who will be a rescue dog and male, of course) will bond with Maya and Ernesto and break the ‘only mommy exists’ syndrome.  So far we’re 2 out of 3 on the idea.  Ernesto is not completely sold (mostly because he would do most of the caregiving) but we’re working on it.  I know Mom 😉 You’re thinking “Really guys?  It’s more work, more expensive and extra headaches when traveling.”  But my mom knows better than anyone, when Sheila gets an itch in her pants about something, she is all over it.  No stopping her.  I know.  It’s annoying for all those involved.  Pet adoption clinic opens in 2 hours.  Stay tuned…Maya & Me Logo