Rising Tensions Around Vaccines

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October 25, 2016
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November 7, 2016
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This came up in a weekly discussion board for my technology & international political system course.  There is an abundance of research around the topic which spans both sides of the spectrum.  Emotions do run high, particularly for parents who have experienced situations where their child’s health was put at risk.  There are many scientific studies out there that will demonstrate the benefits of certain vaccinations and others that disprove their effectiveness (such as Influenza & MMR).  It is an interesting debate and I myself struggle with the correct path for my own child.  There are some very credible studies to support either argument as to the overall benefits of vaccinating vs. not.  I will not generalize and say that all vaccines are bad, as we’ve discovered in history, certain ones are imperative and prevent against deadly diseases.  But what’s more toxic is the controversy generated in social media by groups supporting either side and the tensions continue to rise even further as governments (CDC), pediatricians and schools attempt to enforce vaccinations across the board.  The important thing to note is the validity of the research and results taken from legitimate case studies with substantiated data.  Decisions on the welfare of your child should not rest strictly on emotions or but instead on real facts with proven data to back it up.  Curious to know what others think about this ongoing debate which dates back centuries, even before the term ‘vaccine’ even existed…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccine_controversies.  Thanks as always for your readership!