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September 22, 2015
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October 11, 2015
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Maya’s birthday falls just 2 days before our anniversary.  Every year we struggle with how to plan this effectively, while still individualizing each moment.  However, this marks our 10-years of marriage.  A pretty significant milestone.  However, being the headstrong, career person, my focus is primarily on work and the finances.  So planning any special events will get limited time on my end.  My husband is of a different mindset.  He planned both Maya’s birthday party along with our anniversary festivities.  He put careful thought and lots of love around each aspect.  As for our 10-year, he really wanted to plan something for ‘just us’ and asked casually for my thoughts on the idea of a special dinner and a nights’ stay in a fancy resort (our honeymoon venue).  My first reaction was, “um, how much will this cost us?”  Typical me 🙁  I suggested we do just dinner…but that didn’t fair well.  He was surprised that I wasn’t as enthusiastic about the idea of spending a romantic evening together.  Probably much to do with my preoccupation with work, finances or our next book project.  While we still planned a dinner out (keeping the hotel stay as tentative), I suggested we bring Maya.  “Honey, it’s only right we bring her.  It can be a dual celebration.  Besides you know how much she loves the free strawberry shortcake.”  It’s official…my sense of romance is completely absent.  He just shakes his head.  “Fine, we will all go.”  So a family event it was.  Fancy steak dinner, cocktails, Shirley Temple, some minimal whining and of course, the much anticipated dessert.  We even did a ‘selfie” upon Maya’s request to cap off the evening.  I’ve learned a lot about myself (not necessarily good).  I consider this a wake-up call that despite our ‘reverse-role arrangement’ at home, I cannot forget what brought my husband and I together and how important it is to keep the spark.  Because of him, we have built a wonderful life and family.  Work and children are critical, but should not deter us from the core foundation of our marriage.  Ernesto, I love you with all my heart.  Happy anniversary!