Being Hormonal Is Really a Thing

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April 2, 2017
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April 16, 2017
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I apologize for my lapse in posting last weekend. I had to double-down on homework due to a severe case of procrastination.  I always pride myself on doing my ‘best’ work at the 11th hour, but I really pushed my luck.  Luckily I managed to get caught up…until the next panic attack.

With that said, it should no surprise as to why I chose today’s topic.  Yes, hormones.  At the ripe ol’ age of 46, I figured by now I would be bordering on menopause, but instead I’m dealing with raging hormones every 28 days that seem to only intensify as I get older.  I call it the gift that just keeps on giving.  In my earlier years, I was never one to experience such emotional volatility during that ‘time of the month’ but clearly, things have changed.  Sometimes I just wonder if it’s extreme resentment at my body for not just getting it over with already.  There are NO plans for  more children.  That’s my reality and I’m seriously okay with this, you silly menstrual cycle!  I will not deny that I do look on with wonderment at how women like Halle Berry at 47 and Janet Jackson at FIFTY managed to bear children so late in their life.  It’s pretty spectacular…but nah, I’ll pass.

So let’s talk about hormones.  As a society, we’ve joked about it for years.  “Oh, my wife’s on her period.  I’d better hide all sharp objects.”  My husband, for one, claims that during this time, I bear a striking resemblance to the possessed, head-spinning Linda Blair in the The Exorcist.  Even my daughter who loves to endlessly tease and use her sassy one-liners on me will actually shy away when she senses emotional ‘episode’ coming on.  Of course, I completely use this to my advantage.  Finally, a moment where I can blame all my mental instabilities and irrational outbursts on a monthly occurrence that I have absolutely NO control over.  Awesome.

So I had one of my melt-downs this past weekend.  It was short-lived and mostly directed at Ernesto.  It’s typically one thing that’s sort of insignificant and unexpected that will set me off.  If could be that the house is unkept or something didn’t get done that I asked them to do.  The worst of the outbursts is when I suddenly feel ignored or disregarded when trying to make a point.  This particular episode was completely untimely and unnecessary, but as it’s happening, it’s virtually impossible for me to snap out of.  My brain is saying “stop, calm down, take a deep breath” but the rest of me is pumping with adrenaline, determined to argue all my points in one breath.  Of course, looking back, it all seems so ridiculous.  As I sit and contemplate all this, I reach for some Motrin, lay my head back and begin to think about transcendental meditation.  I’ve read where people pay thousands of dollars to learn this life-transforming method of relaxation.  I recall reading about this in Cameron Diaz’ health book titled “The Body Book” and for being 44 and looking like she does, where do I sign up??

We’ll circle back on this topic again in the near future and I will let you know whether my head spins only half-way or if I’ve finally reached the holy grail for women over 45…THE CHANGE…whichever comes first!