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October 10, 2016
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October 25, 2016
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I’ve read a lot of books in my day.  I’m not big on fiction but love a good autobiography, self-help book or languages.  As of late, a particular ‘read’ kept coming up in conversation, blogs and other social outlets.  It’s called the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris.  I don’t know how I missed this one as it was first published in 2007!  The title alone is enough to reel you in.  This book has taken the world by storm.  It is a life-changer for sure and there are several case studies in the revised edition to give it real merit.  If you work in Corporate America and have been an active participant in the daily grind of work and moving up the ladder, every page of this book will inspire you.  All the mistakes that we’ve ever made in our jobs and life are colorfully pointed out along with tangible ways to transform these habits.  Tim uses raw humor and his experiences to lay it all out on the line.  But the best parts are the real results shared by those who read his story and applied his philosophies to make their dreams become a reality.  In a nutshell, he discusses eliminating unnecessary distractions such as the need to tend to EVERY email, phone call and office visit.  He adds that meetings should be minimized or limited to most important.  He talks about adding flexibility to your life by creating a remote working environment.  He talks about simplifying your life by eliminating dead weight and unnecessary clutter and baggage, both mental and physical.  He suggests a work from home situation or in his case, a long sabbatical. to take a deep breath, reset and establish ‘new goals’ that truly reflect how you want to live your life.  I don’t  want to give it all away for those who haven’t read, but I will say that after reading his theories, watching his interviews and tuning into his podcasts, he is a man who practices what he preaches.  I call him the ‘New Generation Tony Robbins.’  He is very regimented in his routine, from meditation to nutrition to exercise to learning about culture and history through travel, books and the life experiences of others.  This is what has allowed him to maintain a strong presence among fans and further build his brand.  He’s an incredible writer with an easy-going attitude and very down-to-earth approach.  His innate ability to inspire others is evident through the hundreds of readers who follow him and those who transformed their lives 180 degrees by way of his simple formula.  I’ll leave you with this.  After reading the first chapter, you’ll say, “Holy [expletive], I can totally do this.”  Thank you as always for supporting our blog.