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September 30, 2016
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October 17, 2016
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This is a tribute to all female artists who have spent their lives doing what they love and pouring their entire heart and soul into their work.  Last week, I had the honor and privilege of sharing in a very special event.  It was the private screening featuring the ‘rough cut’ for an upcoming documentary directed and produced by my dear friend Debra Kay Anderson.  The documentary is titled “Vietnam:  A Daughter’s Journey” and is still in production.  She wrote this story to commemorate her father, Robert D. Anderson, whose plane was shot down in 1972, during the Vietnam War.  He went missing in action for 25 years.

The film is riveting and masterfully done.  I was in tears by the end as I sat with Deb’s older sister who was overwhelmed with emotion watching the story of her father come to life on screen.  It was a profound moment that words cannot describe.  Debra and her two sisters were very young when they lost their father, so the impact this had on their lives was immense and a feeling I can never fully comprehend.

Debra has spent the last several years compiling photos and video footage, traveling to Vietnam, raising funds through her non-profit page and increasing visibility for her documentary when and where possible.  It is HARD yet rewarding work and I am tremendously proud of her accomplishments in her career and with the production of this film.  As a seasoned professional, she is accustomed to doing it all from directing, producing, writing, editing, shooting footage and stage production and of course, all marketing and advertising aspects.  However, in making this documentary, she received a great amount of support and assistance from her crew who helped her to produce a phenomenal first cut.  This story will touch hearts and live on through the millions of families of those who have lost loved ones in war.  Please visit her Facebook page below.  The  fundraising page is just below it.  Thank you for tuning in as always!