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Facing Your Fears
December 6, 2015
Getting Real in 2016
January 8, 2016
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There was a time in my life that will always remain close to my heart.  Living in New York City during my twenties and early thirties was one of the most amazing experiences one can imagine.  An entire decade of my young adulthood was devoted to this incredible place.  I learned so much about myself and what was possible. The excitement, energy and grittiness of the city molded me into someone who was the polar opposite of who I was back in high school or college.  Perhaps it was the ‘unplanned’ precursor to the breadwinning role?  The truth is, I LIKED who I was and never felt more self-assured and confident as a person than I did during those pivotal years.  As an NYC dweller, you suddenly transform into this person who feels like you can do anything, no matter how challenged or broke you are!  It’s strangely liberating.  After nearly 12 years of a New York hiatus,  I find myself in a car Manhattan bound, only hours away from the most incredible place I’ve ever known.  Taking my husband and daughter there is very a profound moment for me.  More so during the holidays, as Christmas in New York is magical and mesmerizing.  The thought of walking hand in hand with my little girl through Central Park or ice skating at Rockefeller Center or watching her eyes widen with excitement, as she watches those beautiful ballerinas dance their hearts away during a Nutcracker performance.  I have butterflies in my stomach at this very moment, as if I’m about to reunite with a past love!  Stay tuned for more and HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!