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November 7, 2016
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December 10, 2016
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I’m sure you can figure out what the topic of this blog post will be?  We’re all still swirling over the election and all the surprises along the way. My daughter Maya was very much engaged in the election coverage and curiously watched every debate.  I was so proud to know that, at only age 9, she was genuinely interested in what issues were being discussed and each candidates’ platform.  I think many children were intrigued by this election and had their own opinions about which candidate they felt was best fit for the job.  To me, that spoke volumes in terms of where we are at in this day and age.  Kids are paying close attention to what their parents are saying in the home and forming their own views based on their parents’ perspectives. Perhaps it’s due to the contentious times we’re in and rising emotions over divided politics, particularly now more than ever.  I will say that Maya was pretty excited about the idea of the first female president being elected into office. Although the outcome didn’t turn out quite as she had hoped, I did explain that we need to move forward and hope for positive change regardless.  We also need to continue to stand by our beliefs and communicate more with our local leaders on what we feel should be done to improve things.  I explained that she can start with running for school elections and volunteer to lead class projects where she can ‘the voice’ for her fellow classmates.  I see this as an opportunity for her to grow further, share opinions and work towards solutions.  Even if her classmates may not always agree on certain ideas posed or decisions made, healthy debate can be enriching and stir up new ideas that might actually bring about positive change.  Forming opinions at a young age and learning to express one’s views intelligently and respectfully can be hugely beneficial as a child matures.  So here’s to continuing to nurture our children’s minds by teaching them to not be afraid to challenge opposing views but at the same time respect others’ opinions.Maya & Me Logo