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November 13, 2016
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December 20, 2016
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For those who tune in weekly, I’m so very sorry for the several weeks missed.  It’s been a crazy month already as I’m sure many of you can empathize.  The holidays are nearing and we’re all scrambling to get our lives in order before our travels, family gatherings and last minute xmas shopping!  So for today, I wanted to share a few exciting things.  Firstly, our new book “Acts of Kindness Through a City” will be released next week!  Just in time for the holiday season.  It’s pretty special for us as the storyline is about the history,  diversity and magic of New York City through a child’s eyes (which so happens to be where we spent Christmas last year) but there is also a more profound theme embedded into the story which I will not divulge until you’ve read 🙂  Secondly, I’d like to thank all our readers who continue to follow our blog.  You all are amazing and have helped to motivate and inspire us with your own beautiful stories of life and different perspectives on living ‘outside of the box’.  We truly strive to keep this blog alive and continue writing special stories about modern day households and unique family dynamics because it’s important to encourage others to feel proud that their choices, even if unconventional, because in the end, the well-being of our loved ones is what’s most critical.  Last evening we attended a friend’s holiday party and spent time talking with a couple we know whose children attend the same Martial Arts class as Maya.  The mother is a sweet, beautiful woman who brightens up a room with her infectious personality and smile.  The father, who is also in Martial Arts (and an aspiring Ukulele musician I might add) is an absolute joy as well as a loving dad who is completely devoted to his children.  They shared with us that he is a stay-at-home Dad and she is the family breadwinner!  I was astounded because its not often, especially in a city such as ours with mostly engineers (the majority being male) that you stumble across our particular scenario.  What is even more amazing is that she told me she has Cerebral Palsy and, logistically, it made more sense to be the career woman and sole provider as she loves her work as a software engineer and is good at it!  Besides, she says, “It would be too difficult to chase after my little ones if they run off into the street while playing” she chuckles.  Like me, she embraces her husband’s role as the stay-at-home parent and his natural ability to nurture and care for their children which doesn’t always come easy for many fathers.  She explains that they made this decision early on…just as we had…and never looked back.  She says “It just worked.  It was an ideal situation  for everyone”.  We couldn’t agree more.  Thank you again for keeping up with our blog and book endeavors.  Please look out for our new release this month!  Wishing you all a very safe and happy week.Maya & Me Logo