The Awesomeness of Grandparents

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December 10, 2016
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January 2, 2017
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We sometimes underestimate the incredibleness of grandparents and the impact they have on our children’s lives.  They are extremely funny in the way they interact with their grandkids and these moments always make for a great story…which is what brings us to today’s blog.  The Awesomeness of Grandparents!  Maya adores her grandparents, Lencho and Josie.  She was at the edge of her seat waiting to reunite with them…after making the long trip from Alabama to Arizona for the holidays.  I LOVE watching her with them.  It’s endearing and humorous on so many levels.  She’ll sit for hours just chatting with them about anything and everything.  Sometimes that’s not always a good thing (lol)…but I digress.  My father, who loves nature (despite some bad incidents in the past with large canyons, getting lost and the local news…more on that in a different blog), but he’s overcome all that and takes every opportunity to take Maya on long walks around the beautiful Northern Foothills of Tucson.  Yesterday, he decided he wanted to show her a beautiful creek nearby.  She promptly jumped up at the opportunity as she loves to collect rocks.  So off they went.  My mother knows my dad all too well.  She always anticipates a story (whether good or bad) after any excursion my father takes.  Now, with Maya in tow, its sure to be an interesting tale.  So, of course, they return an hour later with a ‘story’ to tell.  They arrive home with Maya bursting at the seams to share her and Grandpa’s adventure.  “Mom, guess what?!  We were walking down the hill to the creek and turns out we landed on private property and an old, grumpy couple ran down their dirt road yelling at us to get out!  Grandpa tried to reason with them but they wouldn’t listen.  He told the old man his poor, little granddaughter was tired and needed to go a shorter way to get home.  The husband yelled the “B” word at Grandpa while the wife threatened to call the police on us.  We finally ran off.  Then, after a few minutes, the man then drove back around in his pickup truck and apologized for his bad behavior and said he was so sorry for using mean words in front of a child…as he is a grandpa himself.”  As Maya proceeded to finish the story, my mom just shook her head, looking sternly at my dad.  All she was thinking was PRIVATE PROPERTY.  Really??  My reaction was more out of worry …but very relieved that there were no physical altercations.  You never know these days with people and their mental state!  We finally laughed it off and knew it would be a funny memory to share at the upcoming family gatherings.  It’s moments like this that reinforce the significance of grandparents and their role in our children’s lives.  Even if the circumstances aren’t always ideal 🙂  Thankfully we all have a sense of humor and can appreciate lighter side of life’s events.  Thank you all for reading!